Casting American Gods

The Russian cover because I think it is pretty cool.

The Russian cover because I think it is pretty cool.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE American Gods. For years I have cast and re-cast a film/tv version of, what I believe, is a very adaptable book. My hopes were dashed a bit when HBO’s option on the book expired in January of this year, but raised all over again when FremantleMedia picked it up in February (on my birthday of all days!).

At the time several industry sources claimed HBO had pushed American Gods to the back-burner when it picked up Tom Perrotta’s The Leftovers. Last week HBO’s Michael Lombardo claims the network tired three different writers, but could not get a satisfactory script. The timing of his comments, over four months after HBO’s option expired, sounded a lot more like poisoning the well for future attempts than coming clean to me.

I still have hope one day we will see Shadow, Mr. Wednesday, and the assorted gods and outcasts of American Gods on the small screen (series or mini-series would be fine by me). Here is my ideal cast using realistically available actors because… why not?

Shadow: Michael Ealy or Jason Momoa- they both would be good choices given the description of Shadow’s stature and ambiguous ethnicity.
Wednesday: Charles Dance- I actually pictured him in my mind while reading it years ago, long before Game of Thrones.
Laura: Alexis Bledel, mostly because of her eyes, but I think it would be interesting to see her play loving wife with Shadow, then take care of business as needed.
Loki: Stephen McHattie- I pictured Loki a bit older given his history with Wednesday. Mackenzie Astin, if younger.
Mad Sweeney: Chris Rankin- he played straight-laced Percy in the Harry Potter films, I would like to see him in almost the opposite role. Plus, ginger.
Czernobog: Tom Waits. Think about it.
Mr. Nancy: Morgan Freeman- he has the personality and would totally rock those suits.
Ibis: Giancarlo Esposito, also one I pictured while reading the book.
Jacquel: Lance Reddick- he has the right gravitas to be lord of the dead
Kali: Sarita Choudhury- she seems like a good representation of Mama-Ji
Hinzelmann: John Mahoney or Len Cariou- both men have the kind, grandfatherly vibe but could pull off the twist
Buffalo Head: James Earl Jones (voice)- because how could it not be his voice?

So AG fans, who would you choose? Any characters I missed that you would cast? Or are you waiting on another optioned book to finally be adapted?


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