Summer Quickie: Stories I Only Tell My Friends


It is rare for me to read an autobiography. I have nothing against them in theory, but they often strike me as self serving. Despite this sentiment, when Rob Lowe showed up as a suggested author during an audiobook sale I couldn’t resist. A friend had recommended it a few months ago and I thought I would give it a shot.

First let me say, this was fun! It really did feel like Rob Lowe was sitting in the room sharing an anecdote about JFK, Jr. while I was making dinner. He gives just the right emotion to every story as one does after years- sometimes he laughs a little, sometimes his voice drops to a somber tone- but he never oversells his memories. Not sure if it is good acting or good storytelling, but I really enjoyed it.

With stories about his film career, details about his sex tape, and his honesty about getting sober, Lowe shares some of the defining moments of his life. This is the perfect beach read for a fan or anyone looking for something light (but not shallow). If you can listen to Lowe read it himself, it is even better.

Any recommendations for another fun celebrity bio?


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