Ode to Audiobooks

If you check in and read my posts these days, you might notice I have been reviewing a lot of audiobooks. Solely audiobooks, as a matter of fact. Summer in my neck o’ the woods is beautiful, especially this year after a particularly harsh winter. Between visitors and trying to get the most out of every nice day, it has been difficult to settle in to read. I don’t have a backyard, so hammocks are out and if I go to the park that substitutes for my backyard, my feet always seem to keep going along the trail instead of stopping at a bench.

I don't have a backyard, but this trail is so close it might as well be.

I don’t have a backyard, but this trail is so close it might as well be.

My great aunt's picture from this winter- which lasted from early November until late April.

My great aunt’s picture from this winter- which lasted from early November until late April.

While nothing compares to curling up with a good book, I have to say a great narrator can be a treat. Much like good casting for a movie, they can sometimes lift up an average thriller or mystery to quality entertainment.

Do you mix audiobooks into your reading routine? Are there any narrators you particularly like?


4 responses to “Ode to Audiobooks

  1. I haven’t been able to make the leap to audiobooks. I find myself not able to concentrate — my mind wanders in a way it doesn’t while I’m actually reading. I’m open to suggestions or recommendations, though. In colder months I walk to work and there are only a finite number of Neil Degrasse Tyson podcasts to go around…

    • Do you primarily read non-fiction? I do tend to listen to fiction, but there are some good non-fictions I could recommend. I was actually one of the History judges for the Audiesthis year. Hands down the best book I listened to was Devil in the Grove read by Peter Francis James, though it was frustrating because of the subject matter. C.C. Pyle’s Amazing Foot Race read by Robertson Dean might be a good start though. It was a great look at America in the 1920s through the lens of a cross country “foot race” from New York to Los Angeles. The chapters move from participant to participant, so it is easier to follow without losing the thread. Simon Vance (who would be great reading the phone book) did an amazing job with The Complete Sherlock Holmes. Who doesn’t like Sherlock Holmes?

      • I do tend to read some fiction as well as a lot of non-fiction. Of course my library doesn’t have audio versions of either of these you’ve recommended… I will continue to look, maybe I can get them through Michigan e-Library.

  2. I LOVE audiobooks. Like you, I find that sometimes the only way I can enjoy a book is through audio. Growing up, my parents would always get an audiobook on road trips. When I was cheffing, I listened to books everyday. My mind would sometimes wander or I would need to pause if I needed to concentrate on something….but listened to hundreds of books over the years. Jim Dale does an amazing job with the Harry Potter series. I only listened to this series, have never read an actual book.

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